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Mutual Aid

Sometimes official sources of help aren't enough. Learn more about how mutual aid fills those gaps and how to find a local group or start your own.

If you want to suggest local mutual aid groups or resources on how to start one in your community, or if you see something that's broken or incorrect, please submit your suggestion or correction using this form.

General Mutual Aid Resources

Mutual aid is when people get together to meet each other’s basic survival needs with a shared understanding that the systems we live under are not going to meet our needs and we can do it together RIGHT NOW!

Big Door Brigade, What is Mutual Aid?

Big Door Brigade is a great place to start learning about Mutual Aid, particularly their blog post of COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resources. It includes maps and lists of groups, guides from organizations like Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, and many of the COVID-19 spreadsheets and databases that have sprung up to compile resources. They also have a great video introduction to mutual aid.

Some other resources not listed on Big Door Brigade:

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Mutual Aid Groups in Northeast Florida

JAX Pandemic of Love

Assistance options include: grocery bills, gas for your car, pharmacy bills/medicines, utility bills (electric, water, etc.), and more.

Caremongering in St. Augustine Facebook Group

“This is a group for sharing and organizing community resources in response to COVID 19. The goal of this group is to organize the local community at a grassroots level to ensure that local community members have access to food, healthcare and other necessities.”

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