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Learn more about this website.

“Who are you?”

I’m a long-time resident of Jacksonville, FL. I know that’s pretty vague, but I’m a little wary of putting more details out on the web.

If you’re concerned about taking advice from a random person on the internet, I totally understand! This website is mainly a collection of links; I won’t be making any claims or providing medical info. Everything will link to a credible, outside source that you can verify yourself.

“Why did you make this website?”

I want to help with the COVID-19 response somehow, but I’m chronically ill and have limited energy; I’m somewhat housebound even without social distancing. I also live with some folks who are relatively high-risk.

That means a lot of the mutual aid people are doing in their community (for example, getting groceries for folks who can’t leave their homes) isn’t very doable for me. I have a tendency to research a lot and I have some very basic website skills, so I figured I might be able to contribute by collecting the resources I’ve found in one place.

“What’s mutual aid?”

Mutual aid is when people get together to meet each other’s basic survival needs with a shared understanding that the systems we live under are not going to meet our needs and we can do it together RIGHT NOW!

Big Door Brigade, What is Mutual Aid?

As the COVID-19 crisis ramped up, people started offering help in their communities, both in person and online. Examples include shopping for neighbors who are self isolating due to higher risk and sending money to disabled people who are struggling to pay for their supplies (which are currently more expensive and harder to find).

Check out these resources on COVID-19 mutual aid and find a group in your area or start your own!

It’s pretty hard to collect all the info out there for every county in Northeast Florida, so I’m starting by focusing on where I live. But if you have links or resources for other counties or towns, please submit them! Which leads me to…

“Can I submit something?”

Yes, please do! You can use this form to submit a resource or organization.

Oops! I’m just one person, so it’s hard for me to continually check things once I’ve listed them. Things are changing quickly, and some websites might change around.

If you notice something wrong, you can submit a correction using the link above.